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What is this?

This is the home for documentation and in-progress work for NumFOCUS's sustainability efforts led by Projects Director Christie Koehler (announcement).

For project leads

Christie, the Projects Director, is available to project leads and core contributors to consult on any sustainability-related matter. You are welcome to schedule a meeting with Christie any time, and she would love to have a 1:1 with project leads a few times a year, including when projects first come aboard. Christie is available via email, Slack, and phone.

How can I contribute?

Current Sustainability projects that project leads, project contributors, and other interested parties might be interested in learning more about or getting involved with include:

  • Sustainability Workshops: project brief, GitHub repo
  • Sustainability Index: project brief, GitHub repo
  • Collaboration Infrastructure: project brief, GitHub repo
  • Email to learn more or join our new Discourse-powered forum.