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What is NumFOCUS?

NumFOCUS is a non-profit based in Austin, Texas. Our mission is to promote high-quality, reproducible scientific research by supporting open source scientific computing and data science projects.

What is the purpose of this wiki?

The purpose of this wiki is to serve as the primary public resource for information about NumFOCUS work, including how that work is done. Documentation, policies, procedures, meeting notes, program and project updates are all appropriate content for the NumFOCUS Community Wiki. Also appropriate is content of interest to those involved in open source scientific computing and data science.

Who can contribute to the wiki?

Anyone! NumFOCUS staff, contributors to Member and Affiliated Projects, as well as any interested parties are welcome to contribute to the NumFOCUS wiki.

How do I start contributing?

To edit or create pages, you'll need an account, which you can request here. After you submit your request and verify your email (check your inbox), someone will review your request. This is done manually by a human, so it might take 24-48 hours to happen. Or much less if one of us happens to be in our email when your request arrives!

You'll get an email once your request is approved, after which you can finish setting up your account. Then you'll be able to edit and create pages and use other wiki features such as the watchlist.

If you're new to using Mediawiki (the same software that powers Wikipedia), or if you need a refresher, check out the Mediawiki User's Guide for information on using the this wiki.

How do I report an issue with the wiki?

If the issue is related to content, please leave a note on the discussion tab for the given page.

If the issue is a bug or a feature request, please file an issue on GitHub.

If you have a question, drop by our Discourse forum.