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NumFOCUS Diversity Statement

NumFOCUS welcomes and encourages participation in our community by people of all backgrounds and identities. We are committed to promoting and sustaining a culture that values mutual respect, tolerance, and learning, and we work together as a community to help each other live out these values.

DISC Program Mission

NumFOCUS recognizes that the open source data science community is currently highly homogenous. We believe that diverse contributors and community members produce better science and better projects. The DISC Program strives to help create a more diverse community through initiatives and programming devoted to increasing participation by and inclusion of underrepresented people.

Diversity Appendix:

For a more detailed explication of NumFOCUS's position on diversity in the community, see the Diversity Appendix.

DISC Committee Members

2017-2019 Term:
  • Julie Hollek (Data Scientist, Twitter)
  • Jennifer Klay (Professor of Physics, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo; NumFOCUS Board of Directors)
  • Julia Meinwald (Open Source Coordinator, Two Sigma Investments)
  • Reshama Shaikh (Data Scientist; Organizer for NYC Women in Machine Learning & Data Science)
2018-2020 Term:
  • Samuel Brice (Software Engineer, Two Sigma)
  • Leonie Mueck (Division Editor, PLOS)
  • Madicken Munk (Postdoctoral Research Scholar, National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) at UIUC)
Past Members:
  • Tobi Bosede (2017)
  • Alex Companioni (2017)
  • Kari Jordan (2017)
  • Erica Moszkowski (2017)
  • Manuel Rivas (2017)

DISC Committee Structure

Detailed information about DISC Committee membership (such as term length, responsibilities, and elections) can be found here.

DISC Committee Meeting Minutes

Minutes from DISC Committee meetings can be found here.

Moore Foundation Grant

The Moore Foundation has generously provided a grant to the NumFOCUS DISC Program to fund creation of a shareable kit on best practices in diversity & inclusion for events. The roadmap of the DISC Committee's work towards this deliverable is found here.

DISC Forum

We welcome your participation in the Diversity and Inclusion in Scientific Computing forum on Discourse.

NumFOCUS Code of Conduct

We expect all members of the NumFOCUS community to abide by the Code of Conduct.