Open Source Sustainability/Workshops/October 2017/Follow-up

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Tentative location for coordinating 2017 Summit & Sustainability follow-up work, coordinated by Christie.

Create a report of 2017 Summit and distribute it

Task Status Assigned To Due Notes
Organize and label materials created during the Summit (See: Output) In Progress Christie 2017-11-30 Missing a few items. Need help identifying a few items.
Create draft outline of Summit proceedings and circulate for feedback (See: Report plan) In Progress Christie 2017-11-31

Coordinate with action group leads to finalize and share action plans

Task Status Assigned To Due Notes
Contact leads for each of the six (6) action groups to confirm action plans + processes. In Progress Christie 2017-11-30
Update documentation (this page?) with details of action plans including link to tracking mechanisms. Not Started Christie 2017-11-30

Create "big picture" roadmap

What are some example items that should be on this roadmap?

What's the best way to share + track against this roadmap?

Facilitate a quarterly "big picture" virtual conference