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Wiki-135px.png NumFOCUS Community Wiki


Purpose Primary resources for public documentation about NumFOUCS work, including how that work is done. Policies, procedures, meeting notes, program and project updates are all appropriate content for the NumFOCUS community wiki. NumFOCUS staff, contributors to Member and Affiliated Projects, as well as any interested parties are welcome to contribute to the NumFOCUS wiki. Content unrelated to NumFOCUS may be removed without warning.
Access All wiki content is public by default. Request an account to edit content or use other wiki features such as starring and watchlisting.
Get Help For detailed documentation on using the wiki, see Mediawiki's help manual. You can also join the NumFOCUS Slack as ask for help in the #wiki channel.
Report an issue To report a bug or submit a feature request, file an issue on GitHub under numfocus/

To edit content on the Wiki, you don't need to file an issue on GitHub. Simply request an account and make the edit yourself. If you're not sure about whether or not an edit should be made, or have a question about how to edit, ask on the page's Discussion tab, or join NumFOCUS Community Chat and ask in the #wiki stream (channel).

Get involved to come!

Access Details

Summary All wiki content is public by default. It is not possible to make a subset of content private, though administrators may protect individual pages from being edited. Anonymous editing is disabled to prevent spam. Request an account to edit content or use other wiki features such as starring and watchlisting.
Request an account Anyone may request an account on the NumFOCUS Community Wiki. You must provide a valid email address and a username. Requests are reviewed manually by a human, so please provide a clear but brief description of why you are requesting an account so we know you are not a spammer.
Sign in Sign in here with your NumFOCUS wiki username and password. These should be unique to the NumFOCUS wiki. We do not have any other authentication methods enabled.
Forgotten passwords If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it via Special:PasswordReset. You'll need to know either your NumFOCUS wiki username or the email that you used to create your account.

Deployment & Hosting Details

Summary The NumFOCUS wiki is powered by Mediawiki and is hosted Digital Ocean VPS. Unattended operating system upgrades are enabled. The server was deployed via Chef using the base VPS recipe and then Mediawiki was installed manually with the configuration track via git. Weekly backups are enabled. SSL is enabled and non-SSL is not allowed. The SSL certificates are provided by Let's Encrypt.
Product Owner Christie Koehler
Software Mediawiki ver 1.29.x (see Special:Version for details).
Hosting provider Digital Ocean
Server Ubuntu 16.04 LTS VPS w/ 2GB RAM / 30 GB SSD
Backups Weekly snapshots enabled through Digital Ocean control panel. TODO: enable daily backups.
Other services
  • SSL enabled with certificates provided by Let's Encrypt using certbot
  • Postfix is installed and configured for outbound email only through Amazon SES
Monitoring None
Server access SSH access is available only via SSH public/private key pairs. If you need access to the server, ask Christie.
Admin access Mediawiki does not have a separate web-based admin control panel. Users with sufficient privileges will have access to special pages allowing them to perform certain administrative tasks. Other maintenance and administrative tasks must be performed via the command line.
Maintenance tasks
  • Ensure operating system updates are applied regularly, supervision system reboots when required (SSH access required).
  • Ensure updates to Mediawiki core and any installed extensions are applied promptly (SSH & GitHub access required).
  • Renew Let's Encrypt SSL certificate every 90 days (SSH access required).
  • Prompt review and processing of account requests (wiki admin required).
  • Periodic monitoring of Special:RecentChanges for inappropriate content.