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Etherpad-135px.png Community Scratch Pad


Purpose The NumFOCUS Community Scratch Pad provides a place where people can collaboratively edit text in real-time. No login is required and all pads are public. Pads should not be relied upon to persist indefinitely. Once text is relatively complete, we recommend copying or exporting to another service designed for long-term retrieval, such as this wiki. We may remove content that is inappropriate or un-related to NumFOCUS's mission at any time, without warning.
Access Our instance of Etherpad Lite is available to the public. No account or log in is required (or available). All pads are public. Care should be taken not to put confidential information in any pad.
Get Help For questions or help using our Etherpad Lite, post a message on our Discourse forum in the Collaboration Infrastructure category or join the NumFOCUS Slack and ask for help in the #collaboration infrastructure channel.
Report an issue To report a bug or submit a feature request, file an issue on GitHub.
Get involved Coming soon!

Access Details

Summary All etherpad lite content is public by default. It is not possible to make a pad's contents private. Care should be taken not to put confidential information in any pad. If confidential or otherwise inappropriate information has been posted to a pad or its chat, file an issue on GitHub requesting removal.
Request an account No account required.
Sign in No sign in required.
Forgotten passwords No accounts are required, so there are no passwords to forget.

Deployment & Hosting Details

Summary The NumFOCUS Pad is powered by Etherpad Lite and is hosted on a Digital Ocean VPS. Unattended operating system upgrades are enabled. The server was deployed via Chef using the base VPS recipe and then Etherpad Lite was installed manually. It is using MySQL as its database backend. Weekly backups are enabled. SSL is enabled and non-SSL is not allowed. The SSL certificates are provided by Let's Encrypt.
Product Owner Christie Koehler
Software Etherpad Lite
Hosting provider Digital Ocean
Server Ubuntu 16.04 LTS VPS w/ 2GB RAM / 30 GB SSD

Weekly snapshots enabled through Digital Ocean control panel. TODO: enable daily backups.

Other services
  • SSL enabled with certificates provided by Let's Encrypt using certbot
  • Postfix is installed and configured for outbound email only through Amazon SES
Monitoring None
Server access SSH access is available only via SSH public/private key pairs. If you need access to the server, ask Christie. Root login is disabled.
Admin access See Christie if you need access.
Maintenance tasks * apply Ubuntu system updates
  • ensure ssl certificates are renewed
  • apply etherpad-lite updates
  • keep NF etherpad-lite fork in sync
  • other tasks as noted on etherpad-lite wiki